Friday, April 01, 2011

It's his day...

His day of birth...on this earth
to my awesome little brother!!
If he knew I was writing this he'd probably punch me in the arm and roll his eyes.  nbd

Today he is 18.  He is an adult.  Weird.  Seems like only yesterday he was that cute chubby cheeked little baby. :) I love this kid so much and here are a few (18) reasons why....

His name is Cameron Jason but we call him CJ
He was born on April Fools day
He thinks he's pretty much hot stuff

He used to think his ribs were his six pack
Now he has a real six pack

He loves the TV show Reba
his humor is mostly inspired by Van on the show
He has an awesome singing voice
In fact, he thinks his falsetto matches Miley Cyrus's voice perfectly

He falls asleep in the weirdest positions in the car
He EATS (Like really...he once had 2 frozen burritos as an appetizer to his family size frozen pizza)
He can play "God Speed the Right" on the piano

He thought he was a miscarriage
He holds the priesthood
He plays sports
He plays baseball video games during baseball season and basketball video games during basketball season

He's funny
He's trying to grow a chin beard.  =)

Love Ya Cam!

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