Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Feliz Cumpleanos.

Today is my wittle sisters birthday!!!!
She's the baby of the family and today is 17 years old.  However to me she is still 9.  I feel like it will always be that way :)
Happy Birthday Car Car! I love you!!!
1. Says head ache funny.
2. She is sooo talented. Way good at the piano and a beautiful singer.  When she sings "for good" from wicked, I cry.  Kinda a big deal  :)
3. Is so crafty. She blows my mind.

 4. Loves Zumba
5. Has a good fashion sense.

6. Loves kids and is so great with them.

 7. Has put up with a lot of crap from me.  
8.  Has a very kind heart and is always willing to help people out.

9. LOVED playing house when she was little. 
10.  Is good at volleyball.

11. Is good at doing hair.
12. Loves all the nicknames I come up with for her...like Car Jar Binks
13. and Es Car Go

14. Is good at driving stick shift.
15. Used to stick random things up her nose as a child.

16. Wants to be a choir teacher (I think...) 
17. Has an older sister who loves her very much and is very proud of the women she's becoming :)
Love ya Carlie :) 

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