Sunday, October 30, 2011

Random fact #5

As a child, my parents worked out at this gym where we would go for day care.  As you walked to the front door, the sidewalk was replaced with a HUGE storm drain.  My dad would tease me and tell me that there were alligators under the drain and if you shook it they would  eat you.  As I would timidly walk across the drain, my dad would stomp and march on the end so it would shake the whole storm drain.  I would bawl and run to the end as fast as I could before the alligators that were in there could get to me.  

I believed my dad, and I still do. 

I'm still very afraid to walk over these storm drains in fear that the second I start across, it will begin to rattle and shake and I'll become that terrified little girl again.   I avoid walking on them at all costs.  If I do have to walk over them, I walk very slowly and cautiously.  
It's a problem.  

Now it's your turn!!!
What childish thing(s) are you strangely afraid of???

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  1. When at Disneyland my brother would tell us to hold onto his wheelchair or else we would fall into the deep Swamp of Stinkweed. My little mind could not fathom what that entailed - and it didn't want to! Hooowever, I no longer believe in said swamp. ;)