Saturday, February 18, 2012

Life's Tough...Get a Helmet

Sometimes life gets difficult.
Sometimes I feel like there's no way out.
Sometimes I feel so out of control.
Sometimes I feel like I'll never be in control again.
Sometimes I want to quit.
Sometimes on Valentines Day, I see the boys with flowers and wish they were coming my way.
Sometimes I forget what really matters.
Sometimes I hate my blog.

But then....

Sometimes I'm reminded that the things that matter most in my life are still intact
Sometimes I don't need a way out because I'm doing just fine
Sometimes I am in control of the important things
Sometimes on Valentines Day my three amazing valentines deliver much more than flowers.
Sometimes I reinvent my blog. 
Sometimes I run away from the unimportant things and spent time with those I love most. 

Sometimes I get sad and discouraged...

But then I stop.

And be happy instead...because let's be real. That's the way to go.  
That's where we are now.

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