Monday, February 27, 2012

i must confess

Logan windchill makes me want to punch a baby.
I spend more time in the Education Building and Library than I do at home
I want to run away and never look back.
I'm tempted daily to max out my credit card and buy a new wardrobe.
30 cent jumbo smarties from the quick stop rock my world.
If my fridge doesn't make me go insane, the overflowing trash in the bathroom will.
Obviously I knew the earth rotates counter clockwise--I shoulda got the 5 points.
Lesson Plans are from satan.
I don't get the big deal with Beats by Dre.  EVERYONE can hear your music.  It's nice of you to share but you could've bought a boom box for much cheaper.
It pains me that my kids won't know what a boombox is.
I should be doing lesson plans
If Nathan dies on One Tree Hill- I'ma be ticked

I need Tim Riggins to snuggle with me.

Source: via Amy on Pinterest

I wrote a rough draft for this post like three weeks ago.
The pinterest people read my mind when they added the new feature
I miss My Home.
Only 5 days until the weekend!!!

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  1. Amy! I love you and I love your blog!! It just brightens my day. Your amazing and such a great example to me. Thanks for being such a wonderful friend. Good luck in school. I know you'll kick butt.