Thursday, March 01, 2012

Happy Birthday, pull your pants up.

Yes this is a post about the Biebs. Sorta. It's also a post about butts.  Weird huh.

So I'm a Justin Bieber fan.  Not avid {he's no Zac Efron} but I do enjoy him.  I enjoyed his movie. And I enjoy his music.  It's only respectful for me to wish him a HAPPY HAPPY eighteenth birthday.  Weird. Justin Bieber, the 13 year old who "changed" the life of many a young girl, is eighteen years old.  He's no longer a youngen.  Weird.

Now, butts.  Watch this video.

Ok so you didn't have to watch to the whole video to discover the butt. Just until 0:42..... Hello Justin's Undies.

Dear Justin,
you are 18 now.  It's time to keep your pants pulled up over your underwear.
P.s. you're cute:)
Love, Amy

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