Thursday, July 14, 2011

awkWARD and aweSOME


  • My encounters with my roommate. That's all I'm going to say.
  • Going to the pool and having kids ask why you can't pee in the water.  
  • A certain boy. Nuff said. 
  • The customer service at Little Ceasars.  I went to pick up a donation today and seriously all three workers I talked to were sooo awkWARD. 
  • My hair do's lately.  I need to give the locks a little more attention.  
  • The new chat thing on Facebook. It's not exactly awkward but it's annoying.  That's for sure.  
  • Going to Twizzleberry. Two nights in a row.
  • Seeing a girl riding her bike with no hands.  I know a lot of people can do that.  But meanwhile she was riding with no hands, she took off her shirt.  Luckily she had a tank top on underneath otherwise this incident would probably be in the awkward category.  
  • The conversations I've been having with the kids lately about my marital status 
         Kid: Miss Amy are you a women?
         Me:  Uh yes....
         Kid: Are you married?
         Me: Nope.
         Kid: Then you're not a women.  You become a women when you get married.
              Kid: Miss Amy are you married.
              Me: Nope.
              Kid: Do you dream of a family.
              Me: Uh yes. Someday I hope to have a family.
              Kid: Do you dream of a daughter and a son?
    • Friday Night Lights on Netflix.  Srsly. FNL is bomb. 
    • I asked a 7 year old if she had a boyfriend.  She told me that she does but she can't tell him that he's her boyfriend because then he won't like her anymore. I'm going to try this technique.  

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    1. 1. Want to know about the boy.
      2. I laughed out loud at the first item in the awkward list. :)