Sunday, September 04, 2011


***I have a lot that needs to get done on my bloggy to-do list. Who knows if it ever the meantime please enjoy some random, pointless posts. :)

Some days I'm terrible and say to my self.....
"Self, I'm never having children."
and then my self responds with...
"good idea"
and all is well and good.

Then I go to work at my wonderful job.  And I say to my self....
"Self, perhaps I should have children."
and then my self responds with...
"Ok....but perhaps you should have someone else raise them until they are in 1st grade then you can take over."
and I say..
"Self you are brilliant."

Then I go to Costco on a Saturday.
And I say to my self...
"Self I'm never having children!"
and my self responds with
"Maybe you could just never bring them to Costco."
And I say to my self.
"Nope not havin em'."

Then I go to church with my mom and help in the nursery.
And I say to myself
"Self, I neeeed to have children just like this."
and my self says,
"DUH! of course you are going to have children!"
and I say....
"Oi.  That will be interesting."

Now for the point of all this mumbo jumbo.

A) I talk to myself.
2) Today at church, I had the overwhelming feeling of the Spirit.  I KNEW that we are all children of our Heavenly Father. That He knows us. That He loves us.  Then as I went to nursery with my mom, I knew that those children were His children and that Heavenly Father loves them and entrusted them in their parents care.  Then, I knew that someday God is going to entrust me with children that He loves.  And then I knew that I was going to have to get over this battle I have with myself and embrace the fact that I am a daughter of Heavenly Father and He loves me enough that He will entrust me with that great responsibility someday.

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