Thursday, September 08, 2011


 Last weekend was GOLDEN ONION DAYS in Payson! What a great time!

We are some HAPPY runners! 
 We ran the Onion Days 5k.  If you read my weight loss blog {which sorry if you read it maybe someday I'll be good at losing weight :) } You may recall that I had been training for this.  It was a pretty good race.  I finished the first mile in 12 min.  My final time was 46 min 31 sec. {don't judge} I averaged 15 min miles.  Not too shabby if you ask me! There will only be improvement from here!

We were the Beckert Family Runners... Kinda like the Von trapp Family Singers...only better.
My brother really really loves getting his picture taken.

We had an exciting family BBQ complete with Smurfing and Ticket to Ride.

We also went to a neighborhood BBQ.  Which was equally exciting.

This is classy.  A new addition to the Onion Days celebration was this bad boy.  It's a monster truck if you can't tell.  They created a monster truck "course" in a field where you could pay 5 big ones and ride over hills and smashed cars while strapped into this vehicle.  That's the way we do it. 

And then Carlie got asked to Homecoming! How exciting!! 

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