Thursday, September 22, 2011


There are a lot of different educational resources out there in the world wide web.
Allow me to briefly describe three of them that I've found.
This is a cute little blog about a school that uses some really cute ideas.  It is a great place where the teachers and the students can view what is going on in the class.  They have a link for the word wall words.  There is also a link to individual students Blogfolios.
This blog is another that gives a basic day to day summary of what goes on in the classroom.  They have some pretty good ideas.  They also have a great link to 16 Habits of Mind.  They break up these great habits of mind for each grade. I think that they are really great and good to teach kids.
This is another blog very similar to the first two.  I really liked the idea of making a class garden.  (Find the post here) They planted it in a bathtub and I just thought it would be a great idea.

I followed the first 2 blogs on here using RSS

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