Wednesday, March 09, 2011


As we come to the end of this 30 day challenge, the prompts start to get pretty deep.  SO buckle up and delve into the deepness of my life :)

Day 28=What I hope to do in life.

Ya know life is a weird thing.  I feel like it's hard to plan for.  You know it has a mind of it's own and it just does whatever it wants.  I often times feel like I don't have any control of my actual life.  However one thing that I do have control over is being HAPPY.  SO alas, in life I want to be happy.  If I had my way that happiness would come from having a great job as a teacher, a loving family of my own, and a strong relationship with my Heavenly Father.  So we will just have to see what life throws at me, and how I choose to let it make me happy :)

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