Thursday, March 03, 2011

Random Ramblings....

Today I changed the look of my blog...and I don't like it. So it will be changing again later.
Also, I wish ABC family would change "Still Standing" to 8am and move "Boy Meets World" to 1pm.  That would be nice for my schedule.
Another know those people who are constantly competing with you and they think they're so sneaky...for example once upon a time I attended Payson Middle School.  There was a girl in my class that ALWAYS did all of her assignments so cute in teen living.  I was friendly to her meanwhile deep inside I hated the fact that her work was cuter than mine.  I secretly always competed with her and trying to make mine better than back to real life...someone is trying to give me back what I gave her. NBD
Also, tonight I'm heading down for Game 2 of the state tournament.  I hope you all prayed for a win for Payson.  If you didn't and they loose, it will be on your head. Just Sayin.
Stay tuned for pictures of my bedroom for Day 21.... YAY  =)

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