Sunday, March 06, 2011

Rebel Child...

so technically today is day 25 however, I'm doing day 25 tomorrow so today I'm going to do day 26 mmmmkay.  If you're OCD and that bothers you, go seek help.  

Day 26=Childhood Memory.  

Friday night, we watched Whip It.  Good movie.  This memory is inspired by that movie. 

I can't rollerblade.  I've never been able to.  In fact, I couldn't ride a two wheeler bike until I was in 2nd grade.  I just struggle with balancing on wheels I guess.  Anyway I remember practicing rollerblading in my garage for hours with my neighbor because I was too embarrassed to learn outside of the garage.  I would scoot around the cars parked in our tiny garage and think that was was somehow going to help. I can even remember being in 6th grade and strapping on my little sister's Barbie skates over my tennis shoes.

 I hated going on field trips to Classic Skating because then I had to admit to everyone that I couldn't rollerblade. I wasn't even very good at rollerskating.   However I loved doing the wipe out song because I was pro at falling down.   Oi.  However, one time in 7th grade, I was at Classic Skating scooting around on my ghetto 4 wheel skates, and I was asked to snowball with someone.  What's snowball??? It's pretty romantic, you skate around with someone of the opposite gender while holding hands.  Cute right?? haha Anyway that was my first time holding hands with someone that I can remember it actually being connected to wanting to "go out" with the boy.  Good times good times :) 

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