Wednesday, December 21, 2011

I'm getting old.

Along with getting old I'm also getting legit? Whatever it is, I'm legit.  Because today friends, was my 21st birthday.

Here's the thing. Because of the principles and standards I believe in, the only really legit thing about turning 21 is....getting a horizontal drivers license!!!

So that's what I did to celebrate this birthday of all birthdays. I went to the DMV and got myself a drivers license that lays horizontal. And I'm proud of  it!

Usually I spotlight my family members on their birthday and show cute/embarrassing photos of them.  Would it be arrogant of me to do the same for myself? IDK and quite frankly IDC. :)     (idon'tknow. and. idon'tcare.)

Soooo here are my 21 favorite blog posts of all time along with some fun photos. :)

1. March Maddness
2. Life is Good
3. His Hands

4. Two Soles with but one shoe
6. I Am

 7. Maybe time to Reevaluate
8. Tag and Jamba

12.20 things
13. I'm HAPPY
14. Phlog

15. the End
16. Angels

21. Bring him home

I have such amazing family and friends that made today a WONDERFUL day!! :)

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  1. You are getting old! AT 21!!! Oh, honey! If old is now, you've got a long, long road ahead of you. :) I hope your birthday was amazing just like you!!!